Let's get that first question out of the way: Who is Fred and who is Erick? Well I am - both. My name is Frederick (Fred-erick, see what I did there?). I am a photographer based out of Antwerp (Belgium) specialising in commercial lifestyle- and portrait photography. But I wasn't always. In a previous life I studied and worked in (online) marketing. And even though one side of me loved this kind of job (Erick), I had this desire to be creative and visualize concepts (Fred). These two sides found their sweet-spot in Commercial photography.


I was the kid that was always inside, drawing portraits and comic books. Life caught up on me and I dropped drawing for studying economics.
It was only when my mom passed away, that I realized the real value and importance of a good photograph. Not only for visual memory, but for the stories and emotions that they remind you of.

I eventually bought my first camera when I was 19 and started documenting. That documenting turned into creating and eventually when I turned 24, I decided that it was time to turn this passion into a profession.


Because of my background in (online) advertising, I like my images to grab the attention of it's audience. I make use of vibrant coloursstrong contrast and interesting faces to make this happen.

Usually the people or models portrayed in my images are disconnected with the location they're in and communicate a strong direction: either towards the viewer or elsewhere.

Still I do create personal work that can differentiate from this style or if requested by the customer. 


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