My First Passion Project of 2018 : Bar Barista

I had some downtime during the Holiday-period, so I visited my local Christmas market with my family. To my surprise, I bumped into Tom from Bar Barista.

Having photographed his picturesque mobile coffee bar, we got to chatting. As baristas do, he treated me to a free coffee. As a photographer does, I later treated him to some photographs and a small promo video.

Am I a videographer now?

After finishing this video, I felt like a child wanting to show his drawing to his parents.
Tom & many others liked the video and already 2 leeds presented themselves to make similar videos.
However, it's only recently that I started experimenting with videography. So I am not the cool-problem solver that I'd like to be before I sell my services. Still, with this very much sparked my interested and I hope to improve rapidly.

Some of the Pictures

A fine Art Print : From A(lgarve) to Z(aandam)

Hi my dear people!

First of all, I hope that everyone enjoyed the Holidays and could spend time with their family.
I found some time to play Santa and deliver a print of my most recent travel-photo to the wall of a happy customer.

My first video:

I thought it would be nice to show you how it was made. I, however, only got 1 piece of footage of the actual cave. So if you haven't read the story of taking the picture, you can find that on my previous blogpost. 

This is the first video that I made (and want to show the world). So please be aware that I'm not a professional videographer in any way shape or form ;-)



How to prepare for your headshot session

How to prepare for your headshot session

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